Reckless Behavior
Persue X Amuse X Merlot

“Reckless Behavior”

From California to New York to Chicago and Seattle — The show of the SUMMER is here. Three graffiti figureheads come together for a joint show you will never forget. Persue, a household name in graffiti and the brainchild behind BunnyKitty, makes his Chicago debut in good company with the elusive and highly sought after graffiti dream team, Amuse126 & Merlot (also known collectively as Alphabet Monsters).

“Reckless Behavior” tells the story, through three sets of eyes, of the late nights, masked faces, and complex pieces that shape the life of a writer. Rarely will you find works like these available for purchase or hanging on gallery walls.

We’ve got plenty of other surprises in store as well – including a limited edition apparel drop, a book signing, a large scale public piece and two in store installations. DO.NOT.MISS.

Artist Bios:


Clocking in over 20 years in the graffiti world, Persue (per-sway) is no stranger to big walls and large scale productions and it’s no wonder he’s revered as a graffiti legend. However, it’s work as an established graphic designer and illustrator that gives him the competitive edge in the gallery world. In 2001,he created a character that combined two of the world’s most universally adored animals: bunnies and kitties. His beloved character BunnyKitty is an undeniably cute yet spunky kitten dressed in a magical bunny suit. In an effort to put a positive spin on graffiti, which faced an onslaught of negative press in the 90’s and early 2000’s, Persue painted this character on walls the world over. What started out as a fun side project to help make aerosol art more palatable to the general public, snowballed into something else entirely. In 2006, Persue wrote the origins of BunnyKitty, a classic story of a hero with a heart of gold, a love for adventure, and a slightly darker mischievous side.


You just aren’t a Chicagoan unless you’ve come across Amuse126’s work. The get up king… and a Chicago native, Amuse hails from the North Side and is a proud product of the city’s public school system. Amuse has been painting all of his adult life— A muralist for the last 15+ years, he’s transitioned from the graffiti side of outdoor freedom of expression into profitable sought after creative works, ranging from large scaled mural work to illustration and computer design. You can’t take a single step in any neighborhood without spotting a sticker, a tag, a piece or some small reminder of the massive force that is AMUSE126.


Merlot constantly pushes boundaries with her bold and colorful style. Painting since 2007, she strikes a difficult balance between being a writer who loves to paint fun and loose while still paying homage to the traditional styles that have influenced her. To Merlot, graffiti is a way to be as creative as she wants since there are no rules to how it should look. Her background in graphic design – as well as a fascination with textures, patterns and fashion – have instilled a fearlessness in her experimentation with color choices and flow of letterforms. She also gains inspiration from her travels, as her work is heavily influenced by the exploration of new environments and ideas, and has painted in most major US cities, as well as Canada, the UK, Hong Kong and Israel.

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