Chicago Truborn is honored to present “OTHERWORLDY” a duo show from Key Detail and Yu-baba!!

KEY DETAIL is a Belarusian artist who works with painting, drawing and illustrations. Having studied architecture in Minsk, Belarus he currently lives and works in New York, US.

Growing up in Minsk, KEY DETAIL was active on the street art scene since the early 2000s, working consistently towards developing his unique style. Today, KEY DETAIL is undeniably the most well known, if not the premier, Belarusian artist internationally recognized as a street/ mural artist. He focuses on creating massive outdoor murals and detailed works on canvas. The artistic map of KEY DETAIL features murals and exhibitions all over the world. KEY DETAIL’s artworks have been featured in a number of international magazines and books.

Yu-BaBa and Key Detail have been painting together for years- lending each other a hand in creating masterpieces all over the world. For “Otherworldly” the duo has prepared a number of works on canvas which can conceptually be described as imaginative and atmospheric mystical scenes featuring ethereal characters in dreamlike situations. Think of it as a beautiful fairytale where anything can happen!! Of course, the duo will be revealing two in-store murals alongside their debut Chicago show.

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