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Fatherless is a collaborative print posse from Rockford, IL. What began as an impromptu screen print session on discarded letterpress proofs has evolved into a body of work now recognised around the world for it’s unique, self-coined “Visual Mixtape of Creative Shenagination”.

The work from Fatherless aims to mirror the chaotic and detached sense that is communicated in our current consumer driven social climate. A good portion of their imagery is re-contextualized from our current throw away culture to create a finished piece.

This collaborative effort is not 5 artists who work “under” the name of Fatherless… a Fatherless print is made by 5 artists: Jarrod Hennis, Javier Jimenez, Greg Lang, Dave Menard, and Ben Rider. The result of 5 artists working on each piece (adding layers, details and new iconography) is that no two prints are the same– making certain EVERY piece is an original.

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