Bustin’ Out!
OUR FIRST OPENING OF 2017 – This is the year you #becomeACollector

A Duo Show from two of your FAVORITE Chicago Street Artists!!

Best known for their lovable yet eerie creatures, Mac BlackOut and JunkYard are two prolific artists making waves in the Chicago art scene.

Mac Blackout has a catalogue full of cartoon style characters with bright colors and loud “punk rock” features while JunkYard prefers to work in black and white. His characters exude a tender hearted macabre creepiness reminiscent of the 1929 Disney classic, “The Skeleton Dance”.

The juxtaposition of Mac’s bright colors with Junk Yard’s black n white stylings combined with their similar approach to illustrative character based work allows for an interesting and creatively diverse show. Expect to see original individual works, a number of collaborative pieces, mixed media pieces including cans, boomboxes and more…!

And of course, two 6’ X 12’ IN STORE MURALS!!


Mac Blackout is an American visual artist and musician from Chicago, Illinois. Mac was born in Bedford, Indiana, later attending college at the Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana where he graduated with a BFA in 1999. During his high school and college years he became a well known street artist in the midwest underground. In 1999 he moved to Chicago, Illinois channeling his creative energies into music and the music related art of posters and album covers. Mac is currently a freelance illustrator and fine artist creating album covers, posters, drawings, prints, paintings, murals, and mixed media sculptures.


Junk Yard’s art is the embodiment of the American dream seen from the wrong side of the tracks. Bold, gritty, and completely unapologetic, his work takes iconic imagery and shows the viewer what’s hiding just beneath the surface. Born in South Africa, this prolific artist now lives in Chicago where he creates all of his work. He is driven by his love for the city and the people he meets there.