What is Chicago Truborn?

Chicago Truborn works with local and international artists alike — most who paint predominantly with aerosol.  Every 5 weeks, we rotate the artwork in the gallery to feature a new solo or group exhibition.   One facet of the gallery that has set us aside from the others revolves around the space itself.   For every single show the featured artist paints two, site specific, in store murals to coincide with their body of work.  Chicago Truborn has earned the reputation of, and twice won the title if, “Best Established Gallery” for being highly innovative, approachable, and affordable while maintaining a high caliber of artistry.
Our name has grown immensely through our vital role in the public arts scene and dedication to mural production. We have curated and site managed over 30 public pieces in 2018 alone – partnering  with organizations such as Nike, ESPN, and the Chicago Bears.

Enjoying and consuming artwork should not be an intimidating experience, or, one reserved for those with fat wallets.  Please, come on in, ask questions, take pictures and let us help you