About Chicago Truborn

Chicago Truborn is an all encompassing grassroots movement celebrating all of what this city has to offer. One of Chicago’s greatest attributes is its continually thriving and self sustained community of artists. The creation process in Chicago is unlike that of anywhere in the world: It’s unpretentious and open for collaboration. Here, visual artists meld with musicians, and performers of all kinds to create innovative projects over many types of mediums.

Perhaps, most impressive, is the way our city has embraced our various talents and backgrounds by offering unbounded support and ceaseless inspiration. We want to encapsulate the epic feeling of greatness and diversity we experience daily. It is in this spirit, we were compelled to manifest all this city has evoked in it’s inhabitants.

Truborn is a term for our generation which represents a message of collective responsibility. Worldwide, social consciousness and communal empowerment begins as a feeling and can only take shape through our actions.

Our mission is to provide the public with high quality and regionally uniqueproducts. We are passionate about utilizing local resources and supporting Chicago artists. By doing so, we are able to give back and, in turn, share with you the very essence of what makes our city so special. The feeling you get when you look at the glimmering skyline, the pride we feel for our city, and, the anticipation of what the future holds…That is Chicago Truborn.

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